Alton's Training

Spend half a day to multiple days with Alton Jamison. Allow Alton to train your organization and provide a customized training to meet your needs. Alton’s trainings are unforgettable, full of content and most of all it will provide practical principles and tips that you can immediately employ.

+ Diversity
+ Communication Skills
+ Team Building
+ Management & Leadership Skills
+ Coaching & Mentoring
+ Generation X & Y
+ Dealing With Difficult People
+ Entrepreneurship
+ Professional Speaking

Alton Jamison is unlike any speaker you’ve ever heard. He will touch your heart, inspire you, and give you the courage and conviction to persevere. You and your group will quickly realize that if Alton can accomplish the great things he has, you too can meet your challenges head-on and overcome.

For more information about bringing Alton to your organization, email us at

"The day we spent with you yesterday was well worth the time invested. You do good work!” -District of Columbia Bar

“Alton gave excellent examples to illustrate each segment. I feel like I just learned via an 8 hour sitcom. Enjoyable and I learned so much! One of the best speakers I’ve ever observed.”- Human Resource Manager

“Alton was one of the best trainers I have come across.”
-Manager, NHP Boston

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