“I just wanted to thank you for delivering the presentation to our employees on the recognition of our safety milestone. I felt that your speech was thoroughly  prepared in line with our requirements and professionally delivered. Afterward, there were many employees who provided positive feedback.” Phil Munson, Evonik Goldschmidt Corporation

“Mr. Jamison’s message to foster and probation youth “bigger and better than their environment”, was a very effective tool to connect to our youth.” Rhelda Shabazz, Division Chief-Youth Development Services, Los Angeles, CA

“I have worked with Alton in several capacities (engineering, public and motivational speaking, business school colleague, and real estate). Everything he does, he does in a spirit of excellence. His technical ability and analytical skills are impeccable. His public speaking touches people that couldn't be reached by any other means. And his entrepreneurial drive is non-stoppable. But more than any of that Alton has integrity; he is a man with high ethical standards and man that you can trust!” Shaunte Otey, Consultant, Boeing Corporation

“He taught me that I should never want handcuffs on. I should want to be the best I want to be. He told us to go to school and get an education no matter what is going on in your life.” B.J., Student

“Yesterday’s assembly was inspiring. It showed me that I am in control of my life, and I have the ability to be anything I want to be. There have been many times I wanted to give up, but Mr. Jamison taught me to say, “I won’t quit”, so I won’t give up.” T.R., Student

“Alton Jamison is an excellent trainer, very personable, funny, intelligent-I really enjoyed my experience today. He’s wonderful!” Customer Service Manager

“Great insight about realizing your “passions” when you work with youth. Great to the point concepts.” Member, Tampa Youth Advisory Council

“I think it was so important to hit on motives and why you are in the profession you’re in because PASSION does affect your energy, ambition, perseverance and outcomes.” Kristina Corey

“Inspiring and energizing.” Lisa Nugent, Healthy Start Coalition of Hillsborough County

“Mr. Jamison’s You M.A.T.T.E.R presentation is very inspirational and gives youth professionals many motivational tools to strengthen the quality of their work and focus on leadership and impact. He uses many memorable and powerful analogies to convey his message, and participants leave with a renewed sense of belief in what they can do to effect change.” The Ophelia Project and Boys Initiative of Tampa Bay

“I greatly identified with Mr. Alton Jamison.” L.P., Student

“The students admire him greatly. He talks to them on their "level"…” Youth Director, Jewish Community Center

“Alton keeps it real so that the youth of today can relate. He also motivates the serious minded into action.” Pastor and Bishop of Live on Ministries, Inc.

“As a gifted listener Alton speaks from the heart and has a unique ability to relate to and connect with his audience. Deriving his strength from humble beginnings and a solid relationship with the Lord he lives by example.” Eastern Division Governor District 66, Toastmasters International

National Urban League
National Association of Student Councils
Future Business Leaders of America
Business Professionals of America

Alternative Educators Association
Association of Correctional Educators
University of Florida
Old Dominion University

University of New Mexico
University of Iowa
Evonik Goldschmidt Corporation
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Toastmasters International
National Society of Black Engineers
Society of Women Engineers
Youth Advisory Council

Youth Ombudsman Society
Operation Understanding
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