Keynote Presentations
No More Handcuffs

Walk with Alton through this powerful message of how a young man with a dream was able to overcome life without a father, poverty, and the fact that he was destined to become another statistic. Through desire and determination, he defied the odds and succeeded. Now his desire is to show others that they are only one choice away from a different life. Alton's story is a message of hope, determination, and motivation for those who feel they have been handcuffed because of their past, statistics, or their current situation. Alton's simple, yet profound message of No More Handcuffs instills the belief into people that there is nothing they cannot achieve and overcome, when they remove the Mental Handcuffs from their lives.

High Schools/ Middle Schools | Student Councils | Student Organizations | Charter Schools | Alternative Schools | Youth Conferences | Faith Based Events | Prisons & Juvenile Detention Centers | Black History Month Programs | Diversity Programs | GEAR UP | and Upward Bound
You M.A.T.T.E.R.

Leaders need to be equipped with the proper tools in order to effectively connect and impact the lives of young people. Alton's "You M.A.T.T.E.R" presentation challenges administrators, teachers, youth workers, and leaders to take their passion for working with young people to the next level. This presentation provides practical tools and insight on creating a positive atmosphere when working with youth and teaches real methods to help young people overcome real problems. You M.A.T.T.E.R will challenge you and your organization to rise to a higher level and make an impact on young people that will last a lifetime.

Staff Training | Educator/Administrators Conferences | Convocations | Disproportionate Minority Youth Conferences | Drop Out Prevention Youth Workers
Handcuffed to My Blackberry

Can you imagine life without your blackberry? Or life without your cell phone in general? In today's business environment we can't imagine life without our cell phones, emails, etc. Has technology handcuffed and prevented us from being authentic and personable individuals? In the business world, what we constantly hold on to may be preventing us from being as successful as we can be. As a former engineer and manager with several large corporations, Alton will share his four keys to unlocking your potential in the work place and he will help you carve a path of success in your work environment, while still being genuine and personable.

Corporations | Associations | Conferences & Retreats | Staff Training | Annual Meetings
I'm Still Hungry

Have you ever wanted more out of life? Do you have any goals that you haven't reached? In this thought provoking, content rich, and energy filled presentation, Alton asks, "Are You Still Hungry?" Are you hungry to become a better person? Are you hungry to have more out of life? From laughter, to tears, to life changing stories, Alton will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Alton will share with you how to maximize your life and live life to the full, till it overflows, with everything that you want. Stop settling for less and learn how to break years of bad habits and patterns that will keep you from reaching your potential. Alton will show you how to make daily changes to help you achieve your lifelong dreams.

Student Councils | Leadership/Business Organizations | Student Organizations | Colleges/Universities | Commencement | Staff Training | Corporations | Associations | Conferences & Retreats
Small Group Workshops
This session is geared towards those interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Alton Jamison is a successful real estate investor with his own real estate investment company and several other businesses. In this session, he provides 7 key principles of being a successful entrepreneur and creating multiple streams of income. He addresses the pros and cons of being a business owner and helps lay a foundation for anyone desiring to start their own business.
In this presentation, Alton shares 7 Traits of Dynamic Leaders and how to strive for excellence in every area of your life and commit to becoming better examples. The Leadership Stimulus Plan will empower and stimulate leaders to lead a more focused life filled with uncompromising integrity, a passion for excellence, and a constant desire to improve themselves.
Are you a M.A.L.E Man? Do you really know? This session focuses on teaching young men to become strong, positive and successful leaders in their school and community. The session deals with specific issues young men face in today's society and provides them with the tools to successfully overcome the challenges awaiting them.
The impact of a father in the life of any female is priceless. Yet, many females miss this added dimension and search for that connection through other means. In this explosive workshop, Alton speaks words of life, power, encouragement and direction into the lives of females. From self esteem, bullying, academics, to relationships; Alton will empower females to value themselves and their lives.
This session is geared towards parents and/or guardians to provide them with key secrets to connecting with youth. These keys provide practical insight and personal wisdom that enables any parent and/or guardian to effectively reach any young person. This session is a great follow up session to the No More Handcuffs keynote, positively reinforcing the principle that young people can succeed as soon as they remove their Mental Handcuffs.
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