Alton's Press Kit
This section is designed to give you some additional information and to make your job EASY as a meeting planner. Alton is very easy to work with and wants the process of bringing him to your organization “stress free”.
+ O1: Alton Jamison Speaker Introduction (download PDF)
+ O2: Alton Jamison Bio-Full Version  (321 Words) (download PDF)
+ O3: Alton Jamison Bio-Quick Version (98 Words) (download PDF)
+ O4: A/V Requirements (download PDF)
+ O5: Q&A (download PDF)
+ O6: Brochure (download PDF)
+ O7: Pre-Event Questionnaire (download Mic. Word)
+ O8: Press Release Template (download PDF)
+ O9: Press Kit Article (download PDF)

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“…your whole life is a motivational speech.” -Member, Mu Omicron Gamma Christian Fraternity, Inc.

“…thank you for being an example to all of us…”- Director of the Learning Center, New York

“I liked the speaker yesterday a lot. He related his life to problems we face and he told us how he got through them.”- I.A, Student
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