Alton Jamison

From the classroom to the boardroom, Alton Jamison is the living embodiment of making it against all odds. Alton’s unique style of speaking, his personal story of triumph, and his innovative presentations separate him from the ordinary motivational speaker.


Alton is a powerful award winning speaker who will
leave the audience more than satisfied. His acclaimed programs are impacting people for a lifetime, not just for a moment. His life models his teachings and he has been on a pursuit to making this world a better place for more than a decade.

A former engineer in Corporate America, Alton is now a full time professional speaker and entrepreneur. Prepare to be blown away and experience why he’s one of the country’s most engaging and dynamic speakers.

Why Alton?
“The students admire him greatly. He talks to them on their level."-Youth Director, Jewish Community Center

“Powerful, “right on” presentation that ALL youth leaders should hear.” - Rebecca Heimstead

"Alton is an exceptional speaker relating personal, professional and life experiences to all." -James Askew, U.S. Customs
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